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If you have a little bit of tech savvy, and you don't want to trust some stranger on the internet, you can clone the git repository run your own instance of Secateur on your own machine. For the time being I probably can't provide support, but I've gone to some effort to make it easy enough get your own environment up and running.

You are free to clone the repo.

I have plans for more features, safeguards, and better UI. Expect the app to evolve and grow over time. I'll probably start using github for issue tracking and feature requests, feel free to add yours!

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If you'd like to support what I'm doing, hit the link to "buy me a coffee". I pretty much only drink crappy instant coffee (ask anyone!) and all donations will go towards hosting expenses.

The average donation per secateur user is currently (as of 14 March 2021) six cents. If you buy me a $3 coffee using Ko-Fi you're beating the average donation by five thousand percent :-D

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